A Service of Thanksgiving for Harvest and a Harvest Service for the children in Zion

Matins for the 11th October, The Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity

The service of Morning Prayer for Trinity XVII

A service of Holy Communion for trinity XVI

A Service of Morning Prayer for Trinity XV


A Service for Trinity XIV

The Service for Trinity XIII was Morning Prayer from the BCP

The Service for Trinity X was Morning Prayer


Our service for Trinity IX was Morning Praye

The service for Trinity VIII was Holy Communion.  It can be found here.


On Trinity VII our service was Morning Prayer..  The same service is used online and in Church.  The Rector is preaching at the online service (a sermon also being used in Zion Episcopal Church, Diocese of Milwaukee).  The preacher in Zion Parish Church on Sunday will be the Reader, Margaret Healion.


For Trinity VI we had Morning Prayer with a visiting preacher, the Rev’d Scott Allen Seefeldt, Vicar of Zion Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Milwaukee.  Thank you to Fr Scott for preaching for us!


For Trinity 5 we had a visiting preacher.  The Rev’d Dr Patrick Gilday is the Rector of Benson in the Diocese of Oxford.  His sermon can be found as part of our service of Morning Prayer, but is also extracted below for those who wish to watch it by itself.

Below is the service for Trinity IV.  We continue our sermon series, preaching through the stories in our stained glass windows.


Here is a service of Holy Communion for the Third Sunday after Trinity


This is the service for the second Sunday after Trinity.


Here is a Service of the Word for the First Sunday after Trinity.  The hymns are sung by the Chapel Choir of Jesus College Oxford.  The sermon is the first in a series looking at the stained glass in the church.  This week we are looking at the figures of Hope and Love in the east window.


Should you wish to just watch the sermon it is below.


Here is our service for Trinity Sunday.  The service sheet can be downloaded here.  The preacher is the Archbishop of Dublin.  If you would just like to listen to the sermon, it can be found below.

Below is a Service for this Sunday, the Feast of Pentecost.  The service sheet can be found here.  The Preacher is the Canon Chancellor at Chichester Cathedral, The Rev’d. Canon Dr. Daniel Inman.  If you would just like to listen to Dan’s sermon, it can be found below the video of the service.

Below is our service for the Sunday after Ascension Day.  The Service sheet can be found here.


A service sheet to accompany the video below can be found here.


The service sheet for Easter 5 can be downloaded here.


A service of Wholeness and Healing for the Fourth Sunday of Easter



Messages for the children of Zion Parish

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