On Sunday 6th September 2020 the General Easter Vestry was held to elect office holders for 2020-21.


The New Select vestry:

Rector’s Churchwarden – Marina Lalor

People’s Churchwarden – Carl Bradish

Rector’s Glebewarden – Derek Fox

People’s Churchwarden – Herbie Mitchell

Hon Secretary – Jane Merriman

Hon Treasurer – Graham Law

Alice Howlett

Una Budd

Ruth McGonnell

Alisa Hayden

Jenny O’Regan

Brian Hunt

Christian Schaffalitszky

Charlie Donaghy

Bridget Nichols

Maeve Coghlan



Diocesan Synod Members 2020 – 2023

Margaret Healion

Andrew Forrest

David McConnell

Supplemental Synod Members:

Susan Grimason

Barbara Love

Gerry Schaffalitszky


Parochial Nominators 2020 – 2023

Margaret Healion

Graham Law

Charlie Donaghy

Carl Bradish

Supplemental Parochial Nominators

Jane Merriman

Christian Schaffalitszky

Dodie O’Brien

Marina Lalor