Some find faith easy, some find it challenging, but wherever you are on your journey of faith
we welcome you and wish to walk with you in the quest for hope, happiness and holiness.

The Christian faith says that human beings are made in the image of a creative and loving God.

This means that the essence of being human carries the fingerprint of a God who made us out of love.

It means that God is at the centre of our lives whether we have realised it or not.

The Christian faith also proclaims that God in Jesus Christ became a human being and shared our human life.

God knows what it’s like to be human; God knows what it’s like to feel disappointment, sadness, pain. God knows the temptation to put something else at the centre and God comes to put this right by restoring us as God’s children.

We are made to live as God’s children. This is where fulfilment, happiness, and peace can be found. The joys we experience in our lives – and our lives contain both joy and sadness – will be magnified when we experience them as gifts of God.

These words are from Gospel Imprint. More can be found here: HERE