Zion Parish is governed by the Select Vestry – a group of people usually called simply ‘the Vestry’, chaired by the Rector of the parish. These sixteen people are elected at our annual meeting (the Easter General Vestry) in accordance with the Constitution of the Church of Ireland. The Constitution can be accessed HERE.  Under charities legislation, members of the Vestry are also the legal trustees of the parish.

The parish finances are managed in an open and transparent way by the trustees. Financial Statements are presented at the Easter General Vestry.

The Select Vestry (2023-2024)

Rector’s Churchwarden – David Soden
People’s Churchwarden – Lesley Fagan

Rector’s Glebewarden – Derek Fox
People’s Glebewarden – Herbie Mitchell

Hon. Secretary – Stephen Huggard
Hon. Treasurer – Graham Law

Margaret Anderson

Una Budd

Charlie Donaghy

Brian Hunt

Maeve Kenny

Marina Lalor

Bridget Nichols

Kim Reichental

Christian Schaffalitzky

Tom Smyth

Diocesan Synod Members (2023 – 2026)

Andrew Forrest
Carol Revington
David McConnell

Supplemental Synod Members:

Sue Barber
Fred Lalor
Gerry Schaffalitzky

Parochial Nominators (2023 – 2026)

Marina Lalor
Margaret Healion
Jane Merriman

Derek Fox

Supplemental Parochial Nominators:

Sue Barber
Christian Schaffalitzky
Charlie Donaghy
Tom Smyth

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