Zion Church opened its doors on All Saints’ Day, 1 st November 1861 and was consecrated in 1862. The funds to create the
church and school came from a bequest from John Gold. The building was vested in trustees appointed in furtherance of
Gold’s will and in accordance with relevant Acts of Parliament.

The Trustees appointed a management committee. Chapel wardens were appointed at the first General Vestry meeting held on Easter Monday 1862. The first select vestry was elected in April 1871 but the management committee continued to act until 1877. The Diocesan Council assigned a pastoral district in 1885.

In 1921, the trusts in regard to Zion Church were ended, the property was transferred to the Representative Church
Body and the former parochial district was constituted a Parish.

Some Key dates in the History of the Parish

1855 John Gold (Gould), stockbroker, dies, bequeathing funds to build a church in Rathgar.

1861 Zion Church opens for worship, 1st November. Governed by trustees.

1862 Zion Church consecrated on 21st November by Archbishop Richard Whately.

1863 Zion boys’ and girls’ schools open.

1871 Church of Ireland disestablished – no longer controlled by
parliament. The first Zion parish Select Vestry is elected.

1885 A pastoral district is assigned to Zion Church.

1897 The present organ installed, built by Norman Bros. & Beard, Norwich.

1898 Sexton’s residence built.

1905 Hydraulic motor installed to supply wind for organ bellows.

1914 Electric lighting installed, replacing gas.

1921  Zion Church vested in the Representative Church Body and
becomes part of the parish system.

1925 No.5 Bushy Park Road purchased as the rectory.

1930 Oak panelling in chancel completed.

1937 Pew rents abolished.

1955 Chapel in memory of Chancellor Parkinson Hill consecrated.

1961   Parochial hall built as a centenary project. Previously, the
school was used for parish activities.

1966   Zion school, with 246 pupils, becomes largest Church of
Ireland primary school in ROI, reflecting housing growth.

1974 First regular CofI Folk Eucharist in ROI introduced. Rectory
moves to 18 Bushy Park Road.

1984 North transept converted into three commercial offices.

1997 First burial of ashes in Garden of Remembrance.

1998 Extension to parish school opened.

1999 The Eucharist twice a month at the main Sunday service becomes the norm.

2001 First parish administrator appointed.

2012 Archbishop Harper of Armagh preaches at 150th anniversary
Eucharist. Hospitality area created under the west gallery.

2016 Modern toilet facilities installed.

2019 New PA system installed

Rectors of Zion Parish
1861-1895  The Rev’d James Hewitt
1895-1900 The Rev’d Arthur Robinson Barton
1900-1919 The Rev’d William Joseph Clarke
1919-1950 The Rev’d Louis Parkinson Hill
1950-1954 The Rev’d Ernest George Daunt
1954-1971 The Rev’d Denis Robert Coote Hilliard
1971-1988 The Rev’d Robert Alexander Warke
1988-2010 The Rev’d Wilbert Gourley
2011-2022 The Rev’d Stephen Andrew Farrell

Current Rector: The Rev’d David Patrick John White

Curates Assistant of Zion Parish
1862-1864 The Rev’d Richard Burgess Labarte
1863-1867 The Rev’d Nathaniel William Carre
1868-1870 The Rev’d George Augustus Clarke
1870-1874 The Rev’d James Burkitt
1875-1883 The Rev’d Phineas Hunt
1883-1886 The Rev’d Edwin Lewis Franklin
1886-1887 The Rev’d John Charles Frederick Brindley
1887-1889 The Rev’d John Clarence Dowse
1889-1894 The Rev’d Fergus William Greer
1894-1901 The Rev’d James Haythornthwaite
1901-1906 The Rev’d Arthur James Culwick
1906-1912 The Rev’d Robert Northridge
1912-1914 The Rev’d Charles James Latham
1915-1916 The Rev’d Alfred Gahagan Alexander
1916 The Rev’d Franklin Isaac Hutchinson
1917-1921 The Rev’d William Nesbitt Wilson Harvey
1921-1923 The Rev’d Ernest Maunsell Bateman
1923-1926 The Rev’d Noble Holton Hamilton
1926-1933 The Rev’d Norman David Emerson
1934-1939 The Rev’d Douglas George David Harpur
1940-1944 The Rev’d Leslie Aidan Elliott
1944-1945 The Rev’d John Ernest Leeman
1945-1949 The Rev’d Charles Francis Whitley
1949-1954 The Rev’d Victor Samuel Dungan
1954-1957 The Rev’d Cecil Albert Faull
1957-1961 The Rev’d John Herbert Boyle Talbot
1961-1963 The Rev’d Ronald Duncan Baker
1964-1967 The Rev’d Gerald Mark David Woodworth
1968-1971 The Rev’d Cecil William Bryan
1972 The Rev’d William Cecil Gibbon Proctor
1972-1976 The Rev’d Robin Edward Bantry White
1977-1979 The Rev’d Dermot Patrick Roy Carmody
1980-1983 The Rev’d Richard Benjamin Rountree
1983-1986 The Rev’d Marcus Charles Losack
1986-1989 The Rev’d Michael Geoffrey St Aubyn Jackson


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