We are delighted that restrictions have been lifted allowing for the return of indoor activities.  It is wonderful to see returning tenants and welcome new ones and hear happy noises emerging from our lovely space.


Zion Parish Hall is a hive of activity throughout the week. There are numerous groups and activities available to join or attend.


Michele Irvine Pilates Class 9.15am – 10.15am.  Michele’s class is currently full but please drop her an email on irvinemichele@gmail.com

Ladybirds 5.15pm – 6.15pm  Katherine Moore kmoore2220@gmail.com

Brownies 6.15pm – 7.45pm zionparish@gmail.com

Guides 7.15pm – 8.45pm zionparish@gmail.com

Healer Prayer Union 8.00pm First Monday each month.


Fitness League 10:30 – 11.30   (gentle exercise, all ages) Contact: Valerie 01-2988550

Fitness League 2:15 – 3pm     (senior group) Contact: Valerie 01-2988550

Table Tennis 8:00pm     Contact: Peggy (01) 2983134 (087) 993 0576


Mother & Toddler Group  10.00-12.00pm  A very popular group,  admission is on a first-come basis contact Christina Byrne at christinajude@hotmail.com

Bridge Club 7:30pm     Contact: Fergus McCafferty (01)497 4396


Fitness League  10:30am – 11.30am     Contact:Valerie 01-2988550

Bowls Club (winter months) 7:00pm     Contact: ronnieandmaryhanlon@outlook.com

Mothers Union (3rd Thursday of each month) 8:00pm     Contact: Sue at  jameson.sue@gmail.com


School use

Quilting Bee 2pm – 5pm fortnightly   Contact:  orlakelly54321@gmail.com


Young European Strings Orchestra  8.30-1.3-pm  yes@youngeuropeanstrings.com

Girls’ Brigade 2.00-6.00pm   GLESWARE@svhg.ie  Gillian at  (087) 797 0688

Bowls Club (winter months) 7:00pm    ronnieandmaryhanlon@outlook.com