The Summer of 2020 will see Zion Sunday Club off on a Pilgrimage around the Holy Land.

Each week we will walk to a new place and learn about what Jesus did there.


Our final week took us to Jerusalem, where Jesus was crucified.


In week 8 we went to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born.

In week 7  we went to Bethany


In week 6 we visited Jericho

(week 5) we have a long 50km walk to Jacob’s Well.


In week 4 we stopped off in Bethsaida, learning how to be archeologists and hearing about the feeding of the 5000!

Week three saw us go to Capernaum

This week we are in Cana of Galilee . . . . (Previous weeks are below)



Here is a video introducing the pilgrimage . . .